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Jan 06, 2015 | Natalie Taylor | 1135 views
I am not receiving my text messages, what should I do?

CP: General Information

There have been several complaints regarding text messages not being received by Bell customers.  Unfortunately we have tried to address this issue on the MBSportsWeb side and Bell will not hold open communications because of privacy laws. Log reports indicate that Bell is receiving the text messages sent from an MBSportsWeb site, however it is failing on the Bell end. 

To help resolve this issue, please contact Bell directly at 1-800-667-0123 and press for tech support or repair.  Bell needs to know that many of their customers are having the same issue, and hopefully as they are inundated with calls this will help provide a solution to all of our customers. 

If they request examples of when a message was sent, an Administrator of your site has the ability to review email logs sent by your site within:  System Administration -> Reports -> Email Log.  This will give specifics on when a message was sent, as well at the content within.

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