Welcome (Honeywood Minor Hockey)


logo.pngWelcome to Honeywood Minor Hockey Association (HMHA)

"Minor sports in the community is fun and recreation for everyone not just the elite.  I think back to my days in minor hockey and those are my fondest memories, having fun."  Bobby Orr

Honeywood is a small hamlet located 15 minutes north of Shelburne, Ontario, near the Hills of Mulmur on County Road 21 in the North Dufferin Community Centre (NDCC).  HMHA is a volunteer organization offering minor hockey programs for all children ages 5-21, in divisions Initiation thru Juvenile.  HMHA is classed as a 'D' centre and its participation includes OMHA, GBTLL and OWHA organizations where enrollment numbers permit.

HMHA members hope to provide and focus on personal development, skills in teamwork, respect in sports and the development of leadership and athletic skills.  These goals are easily obtainable through the strength of HMHA volunteers.

It is recommended that when visiting or joining HMHA that you dress warm!  The NDCC is known for being one of the coldest arenas in Ontario of which provides an amazing ice surface.  It is also recommended to visit our snack booth for our local fresh cut fries as we are located in the heart of potato country.

We welcome all visitors and members to enjoy our small town atmosphere, witness positive competition and experience a fun family environment where everyone knows your name...